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K-9 Unit

The Sheriff’s Office maintains law enforcement K-9 teams to assist the BCSO and law enforcement agencies throughout the state in a broad range of tasks and situations. Each K-9 team consists of an officer and a canine ‘partner’ that has been specially trained in a specific skill.

Canine skills include explosives, narcotics, criminal apprehension, evidence search, tracking, tobacco detection, cell phone detection, cadaver location and recovery. The teams are utilized to prevent the introduction of contraband into the Bergen County Jail, conduct searches for potentially dangerous devices in the Justice Center and other ancillary properties, assist the Sheriff’s Patrol Unit in the discovery of evidence and apprehension of suspects, as well as handle missing person searches. Bergen County Sheriff's Office is one of only two agencies in New Jersey that have certified cadaver detection dogs available 24/7.

While the tools available to law enforcement grow increasingly sophisticated, K-9 officers and their partners remain one of the most effective resources the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office has at its disposal.

The Operations Unit serves as the "nerve center" of the Bergen County Sheriff's Office and is responsible for the coordination of most departmental activities. Its primary duties include responding to all radio, telephonic and data resources, and managing telecommunications for the Sheriff's Office and the Bergen County Probation Department. The Operations Unit also serves as a hub for records management.

The Operations Unit is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also provides translation services, consisting of more than 100 languages to any law enforcement agency, through the AT&T language line.


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