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The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office began wearing body worn cameras (BWC) in 2017.  Currently, all patrol units and K9 officers have body worn cameras in addition to several specialty units.  The footage preserves officer interaction with the public, captures evidence for use in cases and serves as a training tool to assess officer safety, best practices and interactions with the public.

Body worn camera (BWC) video is similar to video from a cell phone camera. The body worn cameras will be affixed to an officer’s uniform. The camera will point away from the officer and it will capture images and audio within the camera’s field of vision. Citizens who interact with officers will be recorded on body camera video.

Body worn cameras are proven to:

  • improve departmental transparency
  • enhance accountability and trust
  • reduce complaints against officers
  • make prosecutions more efficient

The cameras will be used in accordance with the guidelines established by the New Jersey Attorney General and directives issued by the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office.



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