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The Bergen County Sheriff's Office is the largest law enforcement agency in Bergen County. Comprised of more than 600 dedicated personnel, the Office's responsibilities include a broad range of services and functions which assist the public, augment the county's municipal police departments and safeguard Bergen's judicial proceedings. With a population larger than that of many states, safeguarding the almost 1 million residents of Bergen County is a full-time job.

The Sheriff's Office is a 24-hour operation staffedcommand 1 by some of the best and most well-trained officers and civilians working in the field of law enforcement today. The Sheriff's Office is tasked with maintaining order and security at the Bergen County Justice Center, providing for the care and custody of more than 1,000 inmates and detainees at the Bergen County Jail and assisting the county's 68 municipal police departments by providing advanced forensic procedures through its Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Sheriff's Office provides patrol and protection of county roads, parks and critical infrastructure as well as assists local law enforcement agencies throughout the county. Additionally, the Office is responsible for process serving, writs, court orders, foreclosures and court executions.

Our Vision

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office will continually strive to be the premier law enforcement agency in the State of New Jersey by identifying, responding to, and fulfilling the needs of the community we serve.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office is to effectively and efficiently enforce the rule of law throughout Bergen County, provide for the care and custody of detainees housed in the Bergen County Jail, provide a safe and secure environment for the administration of justice in the courts of the Bergen County Justice Center, to enforce orders issued by those courts, to assist police agencies by providing forensic and investigative support services and to educate and inform the citizens of the myriad of public safety issues that may have an impact on their day to day lives.

Our Values

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office commits to achieving our vision and mission by exhibiting professional and community leadership:

  • Loyalty - dedicated to supporting the organization, its members, and its mission
  • Ethics - adhering to the highest level of professional standards
  • Accountability - taking responsibility for our conduct
  • Duty - committed to achieving the organization’s mission and vision
  • Education - seeking excellence through continuous improvement of knowledge
  • Respect - treating all people with consideration, dignity, and fairness
  • Service - committed to improving the quality of life in our community
  • Honor - dedicated to fairness and truthfulness in our conduct
  • Integrity - adherence to a firm code of ethical values
  • Professionalism - dedicated to providing superior service through innovation, collaboration, and partnerships

Bergen County Sheriff's Office

2 Bergen County Plaza
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Phone: (201) 336-3500
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