Civil Court

The Law Division processes cases filed in reference to automobile negligence, personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, professional liability, contract, assault and battery, civil rights, tenancy, tort, real property, etc. These cases are placed in the applicable track, e.g., expedited, standard or complex, based upon complexity and the anticipated discovery requirements. All cases are processed through teams working in unison with judges' staffs.

Under the team structure, cases, as well as​ motions, are assigned to a team predicated upon the last two digits of the docket number. As a result, a team can offer solutions and solve problems more expeditiously due to familiarity with the designated cases assigned them. This procedure has emanated in more proficient service being rendered to judges, attorneys and the general public.

The teams in the Division Manager's Office work in tandem with similarly designated teams in our Case Processing Office as well as judges and their staffs. This interaction enables the aforementioned personnel to identify scheduling problems and make the necessary revisions in calendaring so that cases can be moved to trial with minimal delay.

An important factor in the success of the team concept is cross-training. Team members are cross-trained within their team as to each aspect of the team's area of responsibility. Consequently, the team works more effectively, notwithstanding, any absences due to illness or during scheduled vacation periods.

In an effort to expedite to expedite cases through the court system, there are several programs that are available under the Complimentary Dispute Resolution Program, e.g., Automobile and Personal Injury Arbitration, Contract Mediation, Chancery Equity Mediation, Bar Panel Conferencing and Law Secretary Mediation. Attorneys serve on a pro bono basis as mediators and panelists. However, automobile and personal injury arbitrators are monetarily compensated for their services. These programs enable cases to be heard at an earlier point in time and in many instances, settlement is effectuated prior to the assigned trial date.

The Special Civil Part of the Superior Court (there is a monetary limit of $10,000), encompasses Small Claims, Landlord/Tenancy and Special Part cases and follows the same "team" process as the Law Division. Programs such as Law Secretary Mediation and Bar Panel Conferencing are utilized to resolve Small Claims and Special Part cases prior to their assigned trial date. Recently, law secretaries were given additional training the Administrative Office of the Courts in reference to the mediating of Landlord/Tenancy actions.

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