Inmate Information

Visitation Guidelines for Professionals

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office strives to provide inmates entrusted to its custody with all the protections and rights afforded to them by the America’s legal traditions and due process. As such, the Office permits inmates access to various legal, medical, religious and social professionals as an inmate’s needs require.

Attorneys, interpreters, clergy and medical or social professionals who desire to visit with a specific inmate must follow the following procedures:

  • Professional access to inmates will be permitted in the jail from 7:00 A.M. through 9:30 P.M. 7 days a week. All visits are subject to approval by the Tour Commander on duty.
  • Upon arrival, professionals will be asked to give their name and provide proper identification, such as a Bergen County Sheriff-issued identification card, Attorney Bar Association card, Motor Vehicle License or Medical License, to the Reception Officer on duty.
  • All persons entering the secure area of the Bergen County Jail must deposit cell phones, coats, keys, tobacco products and any other prohibited items in the lockers provided. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN FINES AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.
  • While visiting an inmate, only soft sided file folders are permitted within the jail The inmate may not be given anything other than legal papers.
  • Items such as money, pens, highlighters, paper clips, jewelry, matches, lighters, cigarettes and chewing gum are considered contraband and are strictly prohibited.

Posting Bail

A person who has been arrested and charged with a crime may be required to post bail (a bond) before being released from jail. A bond is insurance to guarantee an arrestee will appear in court for trial. If that person fails to appear for a court date, the bond money is forfeited. A bond may be posted in cash, by an arrestee or by someone on his/her behalf.

Most crimes are bondable offenses, except capital crimes (those crimes for which the death penalty may be asked). The amount of a bond is determined by a judge or from an established schedule.

To post a bond, first make sure the person is, in fact, located in the Bergen County Jail. Please call the jail's Records Unit (201) 527-3050.

Two ways to post a bond

Cash Bond - the total amount of the bond, in cash, is placed with the county to guarantee the arrestee will appear at the next court hearing. If the arrestee does not appear after posting a cash bond, the money will be forfeited. If a not guilty verdict is rendered or the case is dismissed, or at the conclusion of the trial proceedings, all bond money will be refunded.

Cash, cashier's checks are the only accepted methods of payment for bail. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. When posting bail, cashier's checks must be made payable to the Office of the Bergen County Sheriff.

Bond payments and bond refunds are both processed by the Bergen County Superior Court Finance Division located at 10 Main Street, Hackensack New Jersey. Refunds for cash bonds can only be made if documentation that the court has released the bond is presented. Contact the Bergen County Superior Court Finance Division at 201-527-2250 for additional information.

Surety bond - A bonding company posts a bond that guarantees an arrestee will appear at the next court date. The Bergen County Sheriff's Office does not participate in the contract between an arrestee and the bonding company. The bonding company normally charges a fee for each bond posted. Consult your local Yellow Pages for lists of bonding companies.

All correspondence for inmates shall be mailed to:

Bergen County Jail
P.O. Box 0369
Hackensack, N.J. 07601-0369

To ensure the safety and security of all the inmates and staff all the mail received at the Sheriff’s Office for inmates is subject to inspection. Publication such as magazines, newspapers, and books shall only be accepted when shipped directly from the publisher. Correspondences containing certain types of information as listed below are not allowed within the jail facility. The items are:

  1. Correspondence or publication contains material which is detrimental to the security and/or order of the Bergen County Jail because it incites violence based upon race, religion, creed or nationality and a reasonable inference can be drawn, based upon the experience and professional expertise of correctional administrators that it may result in the outbreak of violence within the facility.
  2. Correspondence or publication contains information regarding:
    1. Explosives
    2. Weapons
    3. Controlled dangerous substances
    4. Escape plans
    5. Lock picking or locking devices
    6. Anything deemed to constitute an immediate threat to the security or orderly operation of the Bergen County Jail
  3. Correspondence or publication contains information which appears to be written in code.
  4. Correspondence or publication that contains information concerning activities within or outside the Bergen County Jail which would be subject to criminal prosecution under the laws of State of New Jersey or the United States.
  5. Correspondence or publication that may incites violence or destructive or disruptive behavior towards:
    1. Law enforcement officers
    2. Office of the Bergen County Sheriff or contract vendor’s personnel
    3. Facility inmates/detainees, visitors and/or volunteers
    4. Facility programs or procedures
  6. Correspondence or publication contains material which, based upon the experience and professional expertise of correctional administrators and judged in the context of the Bergen County Jail and its paramount interest in security, order and rehabilitation:
    1. Taken as a whole, appeals to prurient interest in sex
    2. Lacks, as a whole, serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value, and depicts, in a patently offensive way, actual or simulated sexual conduct including patently offensive representations or descriptions of ultimate sexual acts, masturbation, excretory functions, lewd exhibition of the genitals, sadism, masochism or bestiality. ​

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